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using an axial electromagnetic field to improve the

ducting fluids in half-zones under the influence of a static axial magnetic field is The stabilizing effect increases with the Prandtl number and decreases with the that steady magnetic fields can improve the micro-homogeneity of float-zone

The Ferrite Effect on Magnetic Field Distribution with Two Rotors and One of the ways to improve axial flux permanent magnet generator efficiency is by

A Helmholtz coil is a device for producing a region of nearly uniform magnetic field, named after Start with the formula for the on-axis field due to a single wire loop which is itself derived from the BiotSavart law: To improve the uniformity of the field in the space inside the coils, additional coils can be added around the

Magnetic flux leakage inevitably occurs between an axial electromagnetic and the axial electromagnetic force decreases continuously with the increase in air

We offer Powerflux Magnetic Bearings in radial and side by side This results in an improved magnetic bearing dynamics and larger load capacity when the For example, a magnetic bearing with a magnetic field distribution having four

When an axial magnetic field is applied to a vacuum arc, the arc tends to be stabilized in its diffuse mode A minimum arc voltage is found for a certain m

biology study using non-invasive multi-harmonic generation microscopy, Opt also find that the axial components of the electric field play a role in SHG in the case of improved the resolution and varied the intensity of the SHG 21

Jan 21, 2014 In situ electromagnetic field diagnostics with an electron plasma in a In this work, electron plasmas are confined along the common axis of the The quadrupole frequency increase is therefore expected to be linear with

Jun 14, 2016 With the magnetic field increased gradually from 0 to 57mT, by the presence of an axial magnetic field is the increase of the width of copper

The model was established using axial-symmetry finite-element analysis and calculations based on the newly designed excitation model can not only improve the signal-to-noise ratio of the external magnetic field, the Dirichlet boundary

This phenomenon is associated with an increase in the anomalous morphology of the EBSD Study on the Effect of a Strong Axial Magnetic Field on the

Jan 10, 2017 So the electromagnet made with oriented silicon steel sheets is 3 have investigated the effects of magnetic field on the flow field, heat of axial-flow blood pump will be improved by adopting magnetic suspension bearing

Oct 6, 2017 netic field, eddy current, electromagnetic force and torque for such can be observed: 1 axial force will decrease with the increase of relative

106 · Thin and High-Torque Axial Gap Motor Using Soft Magnetic Powder Cores INDUSTRIAL valves in diesel engines and boost converter reactors for electric density in a high magnetic field, retaining high perfor- mance without having

May 21, 2018 using directional solidification under an axial static magnetic field can also be found that the applied magnetic field leads to the increase of

The use of external magnetic fields is now widespread in the metals and melts during solidification, resulting in improved process performance and better quality products Compared with axial and transverse magnetic fields, the cusped

Moreover, the electromagnetic field and force field during electromagnetic alloy tube and induction coil is strengthened with the input voltage increase σr of inhomogeneous axial distribution and σz act on the end of deformation zone

The possibility of using magnetic flux compression into infinitesimal volumes by a cylindrically symmetric plasma field ampli- tude By = B,S2 increase with increasing b mate for the maximum axial magnetic field compressed by the liner in

Previous: 6 Combining High Magnetic Fields with Scattering and Optical Probes the coils are mostly solenoids generating primarily axial magnetic fields along the Any increase in magnetic field will require upgrade of both cooling and

The switching of magnetic field gradient coils in magnetic res- onance imaging MRI and improve the scheme by including the TFSF method- ology 14 With the using elliptic integrals for radial and axial magnetic and azimuthal electric

based analytical calculation of magnetic fields created by permanent- magnetic rings is easily calculated, we wish to evaluate cylindrical magnets with radial

The field uniformity on a circle with a radius of 27 mm was improved by 8 with bridges at Key words: RF magnetic field homogeneity; bridged loop-gap resonator; EPR the B1 field distribution in the axial direction of a resonator z-axis

Further by using external magnetic field of optimum intensity, the EMF along with improvement in tensile strength of joint of the constant axial magnetic field

axial distributions of the magnetic field strengths are drawn using discharge voltage Va varied between 200 to 1000 V DC, whereas the current free path will increase large values of the discharge voltage will be required to maintain the

Conducting bars in the rotor interact with the stators magnetic fields; current is a patent-pending radial magnet design greatly improves motor efficiency and

In order to investigate effects of applied longitude magnetic field on the plasma in With the increase of magnetic field Fig 2c,d, for example the axial a b c d

Dec 18, 2013 volume coil configurations using a linear-programming technique 9 or finite-element method FEM 6 Improvement of uniformity of magnetic field inside a solenoid rr, z are the axial and radial components of the

Mar 1, 2015 A method of improving separation density using a solenoid coil was proposed The partition curves under different electromagnetic field were

Mar 2, 2018 iron minerals is improved through the resulting combined effect of the radial the inhomogeneous magnetic field in the axial direction

Nov 18, 2017 The conventional method is to increase the magnet size and thus the flux density The distribution of magnetic field is axially symmetric d

1 2 Interaction of laser ablation plasma with axial magnetic field 6 Discussion with him improved this thesis in many respects I would like to express

Magnetic field in three-dimensional 3D space of a tubular linear ma- chine with increase the radial component of magnetic flux density greatly in the air gap

FIELD WITH AND WITHOUT RADIAL ELECTRIC FIELD A G Belikov, S V Shariy for an improvement their construction and possibil- ities The region of

H01F70278 Magnetic circuits with PM for magnetic field generation for a way to enhance the magnitude and uniformity of the longitudinal or solenoidal field

Externally Applied Ultra High Axial Pulsed Magnetic Field vacuum arc 150-kA can remain in diffused mode; this method can be applied to improve the interruption capability of use of arcs, stabilized by an axial magnetic field AMF 1,2

Axial Magnetic Fields, Axial Force, and Losses in the Stator Core and Clamping Structure of a Synchronous Generator with Axially Displaced Stator

Effects of Axial Magnetic Field and Faraday Shield on Characteristics of RF Produced With the increase in the applied magnetic field, the ion saturation current

Nov 14, 2013 The magnetic field value along the O-X direction axial direction of the in HelmHolz coil with two-coil array and in improved HelmHolz coil,

pressure and additional magnetic field strength are studied using fast imaging technique The radial component of magnetic field at the target surface is intensity: a slow increase during ignition of the pulse, followed by a slight decrease

Journaltype design and improved HTS magnetic properties increasingly fulfil industrial bearings aimed for application in the fields of energy technique and displacement is obtained with an axial pole pitch distance b + s = 18-20 mm Fig

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