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centrifugal concentrator skala laboratorium

Vivaspin 20 centrifugal concentrators offer increased volume flexibility and performance to the Vivaspin potfolio Vivaspin 20 handles up to 20 ml in swing

Vivacell 100 Centrifugal Concentrator samples in the pressurized mode only and left on the bench or placed on a laboratory shaker for faster concentration

Jul 12, 2017 Centrifugal concentrators are filtration devices that operate under centrifugal force to separate solids from liquid phase, reducing the final

Learn about Pierce concentrators -- disposable ultrafiltration centrifugal devices with a polyethersulfone PES membrane for the concentration, desalting and

Vivaspin 20 Centrifugal Concentrator handles up to 20mL in swing bucket rotors and 14mL in fixed angle rotors accepting 50mL centrifuge tubes Features

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